Kulturflieger in English

During my world trip in 2019, I stopped by New Zealand and I got stuck here. I postponed my flight to New Caledonia several times and finally let it lapse because I decided to stay in New Zealand.

As time goes by, I get to know more and more people here and then, of course, the question of how I spend my time comes up at some point. And then I answer, “I write and publish books.”

First comes the enthusiastic face and then the disappointment when I say that all my books and stories are in German.

So last year I sat down and translated my novel “The Colour of the Sari” into English and it will be published on March 1, 2021.

Quickly came the next question: How do I tell the English-speaking world that I have an English book? They don’t understand my German website and posts on the social networks. So this translation had to come as well. And so it came about that I also offer my website and a new Facebook page in English.

Facebook page: Kulturflieger_EN