As of today, the story “For Devil’s Sake” is available. A funny and whimsical story for a cozy Saturday afternoon.

Paperback and Ebook are available on Amazon link

The German version was published last year in Germany in the anthology “Dazwischengeschichten”. But Rebecca really wanted to have the story in English, too. Because often the question comes from her Kiwi friends if they can read her books as well. So she used the last few months to translate the story, have it proofread by a Kiwi, and Rebecca hired an illustrator to bring the story to life with drawings. Finally, it’s finished and Rebecca can proudly publish her fourth book.

What to do when hell is dead?
Devil is tired of not having enough souls in hell. As a result, his geocaching score suffers. Without hesitation, he sets off with the exchange angel Harald and a bitten apple to talk to God in heaven. Can the Devil entice the souls back to Hell?

For Devil’s Sake strains the laugh muscles as you follow humorous, whimsical characters wandering through Heaven and Hell to solve the problem of getting more souls into Hell. The perfect coffee table book for an afternoon when you don’t take your life so seriously and enjoy relaxing through laughter.

Available on Amazon link

You can meet Rebecca in person at the EVERYTHING BOOKS book fair on 20 November 2021 in Tauranga/ New Zealand or AGES OF PAGES on 02 April in Hamilton/New Zealand.

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In German the story is available in the anthology “Dazwischengeschichten”. –